App concept & design


With registration falling off and people not making all the way through the on-boarding funnel, we decided to try something a bit different. 

Goals: Get people interested in the product and registered on the site in a way that reflected the sexy spirit of iLove.


This isn't sexy at all


The iLove brand is supposed to be fun and delight our users. Filling out forms is always a terrible experience. We knew this because our users were bailing out mid stream. Our analytics were showing that the product wasn't reflecting the spirit of the service.


forms suck; let's make a new experience


We talked to our audience about what the issues was. Turns out they thought that the product had become a bit stale and dry. Our young audience wanted and experience that reflected their lifestyle.


Gather data in a non traditional way


The goal with this tool was to make the gathering of the subject's information feel less formalized. Distract people from the monotonous task or giving out their information, make it feel like an adventure.


Delightful results tested


People loved the result, we had double the engagement and people were actually playing around and tweaking the data to see what kind of results they would get.